Sept 2020

“The Unusual World of Pandemic Economics” – Why BC’s Housing Market Remains Strong Despite COVID-19

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Sales and new listings continue to set records in the Fraser Valley

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The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) saw the second highest number of property sales and the highest number of new listings in August within the last two decades, when 2,298 sales were recorded in August 2005.

REBGV data confirms Home sale and listing activity continues to increase in August

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Home buyers and sellers remained active across Metro Vancouver in August, with home sale and new listing activity outpacing the region’s historical averages.

Commercial Activity Impacted by Pandemic in 2020

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Market Watch - Housing Markets Heat Up as Summer Ends

We have seen varying rates of real estate activities this summer. Some regions showed increased sales activity while other areas showed a slight improvement in sales numbers.

Factors That Affect Your Home's Value

There are many factors that can affect the market value of your property, ranging from home improvements to the mood of the seller. All of this is a lot to internalize, but you can make an informed decision while pricing your home if you tackle these issues one at a time.

How To Reduce your Kitchen Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint refers to your impact on the environment through the output of carbon dioxide. Many kitchen activities, ranging from how you illuminate your counters to how you wash your dishes, result in carbon output through energy usage. If you're trying to create a more environmentally friendly, green-savvy home, start in your kitchen and make an immediate difference.

Is it Good Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

Since interest rates are at a 40-year low, switching to a lower rate may save you a lot of money – possibly thousands of dollars per year. There are penalties for paying your mortgage loan out prior to renewal, however these could be offset by the extra money you save through a refinance.

Home Security - How to Make Your Home Unattractive to Thieves

One thing nearly every homeowner is concerned about is home security. Whether that means installing a burglar alarm, a home security camera, or simply fortifying windows and doors for a more burglar-proof home.

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